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Twenty six things

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Twenty five things that Budo has taught me, though I do reserve the right to change my mind at the very next opportunity.

1) I’m shorter than most people

2) The gift of fear; the very thing you are scared of is proof that it is not happening, because if it was you would be scared of something else.

3) Do not trust any technique further than you can throw someone.

4) Detachment from any weapon: the less your attachment the less you will use it and therefore you will only use it at vital times.

5) To have a calm mind and an aggressive body, or an aggressive mind and a calm body.

6) Even the worst practitioner can sometimes have the best technique.

7) Strength, speed and fitness can never be relied upon.

8) Love is stronger than hate but hate has more commitment.

9) Learn a technique as well as you can then learn the variations as well as you can. Forget the technique and variations, just polish and understand the principle. Forget the principle and learn the strategy.

10) Seek everyday to accept and understand yourself a little more and to only practice your movement, distance and timing.

11) The only weapons you have are fear, doubt, surprise and confusion.

12) He who asks a question is a fool for five minutes but he who never asks is a fool for life. Once your questions have been answered, shut up and punch.

13) Most martial artist only allow their knowledge to go straight to their fists.

14) There is far more to a punch than meets the eye.

15) The only way to successfully move someone is to alter the space between you and them.

16) Be the master of your own centre line.

17) You need only to find some mischief to upset the spine of your antagonist in order to defeat him.

18) Three points of contact works best.

19) You are never as good as you think you are and seldom as good as other people think you are.

20) If I had no enemies I would soon create some, they are the most consistent people.

21) It is perfectly ok to laugh at yourself.

22) Do not be too attached to any results.

23) Never show fear.

24) Trust only to love, justice and truth.

25) To strive to be the best human being that you can.

Budo has it seems taught me many things, yet life has taught me but one thing.

1) Be first, best or different.

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Author: marcmoor

In life in love and in budo.

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